Zeeshan manifests one of the rarest personality types in the world that exists in only 1.6% of the male population according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator research work. He is a lifelong learner who hankers after contributing to people’s lives. Wearing deep personality, he is calm, considerate, highly intuitive, forward-thinking and well-organized. Embracing hardships has succored him to strengthen his character, have courage, balance emotions and achieve greater control over his life. He has proved his trustworthiness by earning the trust of all those he has worked with.

Getting the ball rolling early in his life, his English language training experience spans 7+ years during which he used his 100+ self-developed engaging games, songs, poetry, and theatrics to make learning interesting. His short stay at Outsource-R-Us as a collection officer for Malcolm S. Gerald & Associates, Chicago gave him an early-age opportunity to practice the customer communication standards of the US as well.

He has headed Training, Research and Product Development in Pakistan’s biggest automobile network of Pak Suzuki where he has trained across 50+ cities of Pakistan, and has conducted a number of training and conferences overseas. Emerging as a District Sales Manager, he has worked in almost all the areas of automobile marketing and sales for nearly 7 years. Along with the marketing team, he has also executed the launch projects of a number of mainstream automobile products.

Today, he stands as the only trainer in Pakistan’s learning and development industry, who developed from the grass-roots level in the automobile industry, and has deep on-the-ground boardroom-to-showroom understanding of the problems of a company, its dealers, sales team and customers.

With his rich learning experience underpinned by his multiple training certifications, Zeeshan has a number of customized solutions on his serving platter to help organizations successfully tackle their challenges.


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