Wali has spent over a decade and a half igniting teams to their peak performance. During this time, he has consulted a vast range of organizations including Fortune 500 companies and leading tech corporations across North America, Middle East, South Asia, and China.

Wali believes that psychological safety, cognitive diversity, and behavioural skills are the three handles to transform people into happy, inclusive, and productive workforces. His way to address teams’ performance issues is by implementing behavioural skills learning and development interventions. By law, his trainings are rooted in the neurophysiological basis of soft skills.

Some of Wali's keynote sessions are LeadCraft 360 Degrees, TeamCraft AB, Culture-Sensitive Customer Contact, DecisionMaker 3.1, Conflict to Collaboration, Behavioural Interviewing Techniques, and Essential Kinesics and Body Language Training.

Wali has been director consulting at the Behavioural Skills Company, Waterloo ON, since 2015. He combines an MSc Psychology with an MPACS (Master of Peace and Conflict Studies)- specializing in conflict transformation.

Wali spends his spare time running, sledding down the snow slopes, or just chatting with folks in coffee shops. He lives with his wife and three boys in Waterloo ON Canada.rporate clientele range from CEOs and senior executives of blue chip companies such as McKinsey, IBM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank to politicians, barristers and lawyers.


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