UMAR T. Pirzada

Umar T. Pirzada (UTP) is a futurist and eternal optimist who believes the world can become any practical reality which the human mind can imagine. If we can think it, we can do it.

He has a vision of a world which he calls UTP ka UTOPIA, where everybody is living to their utmost potential, serving each other, solving each other's problems, teaching each other & learning from each other. His purpose in life is to help people find their purpose in life. He wants to play his part in driving positive change towards reaching this UTOPIAN REALITY so we can all live fulfilling lives.  He is an trained executive coach, on the path towards accreditation and aspires to be a motivational speaker.

From a professional standpoint, he is a technologist at the core and has further developed business acumen over his career and has found his niche as a strategic adviser & enabler for technology driven business transformation, with particular expertise in the Finance, Treasury & Taxation domain.

His natural curiosity and passion for continuous learning has helped him transition across industries easily and successfully.

A proven performer throughout his career, he has earned the reputation of being able to generate ideas, develop them into strategy and deliver impactful organisational change through execution of global, large-scale projects and programs successfully.

He aspires to continue enabling positive change in the world while utilising his unique combo of business & technology expertise to help organisations get super-efficient and embrace the future with confidence.


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