Raheel Akhtar is a renowned TV anchor person, an award-winning debater and a powerful public speaker.

People aspire to live an extra ordinary life but he gave meaning to his ordinary life. When he was called to quit and surrender his passion and dreams in the way of achieving a secure future in terms of wealth, and recognition, Raheel Akhtar instead stood strong and determined in the face of all the challenges and had his sights adhere on his dreams. Today, he is not only living his dreams but his exemplary struggle has made others to be inspired by him.  His smartness and maturity couldn’t be more explained when he waited for the right time and hit the nail on its head. This young gentleman, who didn’t let him wander away from his objective, accepted this turning point and joined Bol TV for News Anchor ship in 2016. His clarity of thoughts, opinionated personality and yet humble approach towards life has made him the most respectable and the biggest shining star of the debating lot of his time. His current program on aired on one of the most watched channels is one of the greatest hits in the long list of his achievements. With record breaking TRP’s of his channel and program, he stands out on the pedestal of success which now cannot be overlooked. 

Quite interestingly, Raheel Akhtar has served for more than 20 years and has experienced the maximum diversity in work including TV media, corporate sector, education and communication. He is also a young C.E.O of an international Training & Consultancy Company “SpeakSmart Pakistan” having offices in Pakistan and Estonia.

Despite of all, this man kept arrogance, conceit and pride at bay. Though he has always been devoted to public speaking but his actions spoke louder than words and he had won thousands of hearts by this gesture. 

Raheel Akhtar has been an ordinary man but with exceptional achievements that included huge collection of national awards and recognition as an accomplished and an impactful debater. He judged numerous debate competitions at national and international levels, remained a big source of guidance for young public speakers across the globe and has been actively participating in social welfare work and owning responsibility being a citizen. Today, his inspirational journey still continues but continues his way because when many didn’t understand him, he knew there was a method to his madness.


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