Noor is an innovative, articulate and dynamic strategist with an experience of over fifteen years in both local and multinational organisations. She offers proven expertise in leading diverse assignments on social innovation, competencies analysis, research, entrepreneurship, TNA and capacity building.

In 2017, Noor set up her social enterprise enabler, Mind Works International, working for developing the entrepreneurial abilities of children, youth, women; marginalized literate and non-literate groups across Pakistan. Her vision for the enabler is to start from grassroots and steer Pakistan towards a more aggressive approach for adopting SDGs and finding entrepreneurial spirit in it.

Noor’s experience through the years is focused on comprehending micro, mezzo and macro economics and how they develop an ecosystem that can enable initiatives to thrive. Her core area of expertise has been scaling up and in her career she has lead many programmes from strategy development to execution. A team leader & humanitarian, who has reached out to over 8000 finance professionals, 5000 Pakistani women, 20,000 students, media officials, enterprises, through various community engagement, policy advocacy, consultation sessions and development initiatives.

A highly motivated individual with strong presentation and organization skills, team player, details’ driven, results oriented and is always willing to learn. Noor has endless passion for serving her country, she believes that her work could enable equality in terms of opportunities, awareness, income stability and can create a sound and equitable Pakistan.


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