Kamran pioneered the self-improvement and organizational development movement in

Pakistan in June 1991 by founding KZR with a mission to develop the human factor.

He is currently senior consultant and CEO at Carnelian (www.carnelianco.com) and mentors young leaders at School of Leadership (www.sol.edu.pk). He brings with him a wealth of crosscultural management and leadership experience, having worked in Europe, South Asia and the Middle East for over four decades, mostly in the field of leadership development.

Kamran obtained his MBA degree from the University of Strathclyde. He is also a graduate of Dale Carnegie Inc., and has attended courses at the JFK School of Government, Harvard University, the Wharton SMU Change Management Program in Singapore, among others. He has authored five books on personal improvement and leadership, and has contributed management articles to Blue Chip Magazine, a leading business publication in Pakistan.

He lives with his family in Islamabad and travels extensively on assignments.

Kamran’s personal URL: www.kzr.co

Email: kamran.rizvi@carnelianco.com


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